This is pretty bad. Do you still have the old database somewhere or
the possibility of generating it again with old packages? We haven't
seen this bug so far in our testing, but apparently it's out there..
No, unfortunately I do not :-(. But I will try to replicate the problem and if I manage, I will send it to you.
So this is authid that was working with the plain ldap provider but
dosn't work with ad provider? Can you share logs? 

Have you tried if using this authid works even with 1.9 with the ldap
Exactly, this authid worked fine with just ldap provider. I will send the logs in private.
I suspect that this issue might be fixed in the latest builds. I was planning to upgrade this preview repo to 1.9.3 when it becomes ready, but it wouldn't be too hard to include the fixes we have so far so you could test.

Please do include those and let me know. This is a crucial functionality for me.