I am still having a lot of problems with group resolution in sssd.

User logins can take anything up to two minutes, or longer.

When I time the command    groups  username  for a selected username thish can take two or more minutes to return.

I have this set:

ldap_schema = ad
ldap_group_nesting_level = 0
ldap_groups_use_matching_rule_in_chain = True
ldap_initgroups_use_matching_rule_in_chain = True

How can one tell what the appropriate ldap_schema is for our AD controllers?

Also the information is not cached for long enough. I set

enum_cache_timeout = 1200
entry_cache_timeout = 5400
entry_cache_user_timeout = 5400
entry_cache_group_timeput = 5400

I really do not see groups information being cached for 90 minutes