Hi everyone,

I'm trying to build SSSD 1.10.1 for Ubuntu 12.04 i386 to gain AD dynamic DNS update support. The PPA version 1.9.5 does not seem to have this functionality as DNS records for my Ubuntu hosts are becoming stale.

Using the latest stable tarball, I'm receiving the following error while running ./configure: 
checking for krb5-config... (cached) /usr/bin/krb5-config
checking for supported MIT krb5 version... yes
checking for sigprocmask... yes
checking for sigblock... yes
checking for sigaction... yes
checking for getpgrp... yes
checking for prctl... yes
checking for NDR_NBT... no
configure: error: "Please install Samba 4 development libraries"

But Samba4 development files seem to be installed:
user@snickers:~$ aptitude search samba|grep ^i
i   libsamba-credentials-dev
i A libsamba-credentials0
i   libsamba-hostconfig-dev
i A libsamba-hostconfig0
i   libsamba-policy-dev
i A libsamba-policy0
i A libsamba-util-dev
i A libsamba-util0
i   samba-common
i   samba-common-bin
i A samba-dsdb-modules
i   samba4-dev

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!