Ex-windows admin wrapping my head around PAM/SSSD has been quite tough!

I have successfully managed to to get pam_sss working with

the problem is with reuse of the ticket. i cant work out how it works..

I would like to configure pam_mount and ODBC to use the same kerberos ticket that was generated by the pam_sss modules


pam_sss creates a ticket with the follwoing naming which cannot be used by the "mount" command:


however if i manually use kinit, it creates a ticket with the naming below, which can be easily reuse from the "mount" command:


the naming that pam_sss uses seems to be standard but again i just cant work out how that should be "discoverable" by any other services looking for a ticket, when it has the wrong naming..

some links..:

this seems to be where the pam_sss naming is defined - by a build flag --with-default-ccname-template


i want to integrate it into pam_mount to mount a cifs drive, which (i think) is SMB so will be able to use the cifs.upcall library.

And the way cifs.upcall resolves tickets is somehwere here in get_cachename_from_process_env


i also want to get MSSQL ODBC driver to use the ticket as well...