On Thu, Dec 30, 2021 at 5:26 PM Stefan Kania <stefan@kania-online.de> wrote:
Hi to all,

a few years ago I asked for help for using dynamic groups in OpenLDAP
together with sssd to change the search filter:


Jakub Hrozek told me about the undocumenteted option
"ldap_group_object_class_alt". This option is still not in the manpage

It is mentioned in `man sssd-ipa :: MODIFIED DEFAULT OPTIONS`.
It was undocumented as the solution was deemed "not good enough" and required a rework.
But as this didn't change in 4 years, probably it's time to just document "state of art". Please feel free to file a ticket.

"sssd-ldap-attributes" but is still working :-) Will it ever be an
official option?

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