Thank you Jakub,

if I may an additionnal question : would the sssd fallback mecanism
work with the DNS discovery ?

Aka, if I'd configure this in the DNS :	IN	SRV	10 0 389	IN	SRV	20 0 389
will sssd fallback properly to ldap2 if ldap1 does not respond ?



2013/9/25 Jakub Hrozek <>
On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 11:42:15AM +0200, Olivier wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I launch "authconfig" within a script to setup my redhat6 boxes.
> I noticed that authconfig does not set up sssd.conf properly :
> but the bug is declared as "closed" ?
> First question :
> could anyone confirm that authconfig does *not* configure
> sssd.conf with "--enablesss" and  "--enablesssdauth" and
> that I therefore need to configure that file myself (by hand
> or within my script) ?

The switches --enablesss and --enablesssdauth are meant for the case
where the admin creates the sssd.conf manually and only wants the
authconfig to setup the NSS and PAM stacks for him. So with the latest
version, authconfig --enablesssdauth --enablesss should not touch the
sssd.conf at all.

> Second question:
> I noticed that sssd seemed to work properly even without
> declaring the "ldap_uri" parameter within sssd.conf. Could
> anyone confirm that this parameter is not necessary and
> where does sssd collect the list of ldap servers to query
> in that case, ldap.conf ?

Yes, if the ldap_uri parameter is missing, then the SSSD falls back to
DNS SRV discovery. As the sssd-ldap man page says:

ldap_uri, ldap_backup_uri (string):
 If neither option is specified, service discovery is enabled.
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