On Tue, Feb 16, 2021 at 5:42 PM mbalembo <marc.balemboy@csgroup.eu> wrote:

SSSD goes offline because network is not fully up when the service start
(DNS fail on LDAP server).
If I wait for the network before starting the service, it works fine.

My understanding was that SSSD would try to go back online on it's own

Yes, it should (see man sssd.conf 'offline_timeout')
It also should monitor and process changes in networks (see man sssd.conf 'disable_netlink'), so starting sssd before the network is up shouldn't be an issue.
What package version do you use?
(whether at a regular interval or when someone try to authenticate ?).

If this is not the case i'll trigger a SSSD restart when network goes up/change.

Thanks for the help,

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