On Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 5:38 PM, Stephen Gallagher <sgallagh@redhat.com> wrote:
On Tue, 2012-02-07 at 17:28 +0100, Marco Pizzoli wrote:
> According to that, your LDAP server doesn't support any
> authentication
> except GSSAPI (probably Kerberos). Obviously ldapsearch still
> works, so
> it looks to me like the LDAP server isn't properly reporting
> what it
> reports.
> Please open a bug. SSSD should be assuming that we always
> support
> Done. https://fedorahosted.org/sssd/ticket/1180
> Please, could you tell me if this problem will be targeted for 1.7.x
> or 1.8 release?

Actually, on further investigation, this shouldn't be an issue. Can you
confirm that you are NOT setting ldap_sasl_mech in your sssd.conf? It's
not listed in your first email, but did you maybe leave it out?

It seems you found my fault :-( I surely overlooked the meaning of the word "none" on the man page. This is it:
ldap_sasl_mech = none

The code that checks for this should be skipped if ldap_sasl_mech is

Would you mind checking your startup logs at level 6 to see what value
is being reported for ldap_sasl_mech?

Done. As already reported: ldap_sasl_mech = none

I commented that directive, restarted sssd and now I see it working and obtaining my groups from the LDAP server.
I still don't see my users and groups, but this is another story.

Thanks a lot and apologize for the noise.

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