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> From: "Noam Meltzer" <tsnoam@gmail.com>
> To: "Development of the System Security Services Daemon" <sssd-devel@lists.fedorahosted.org>
> Cc: "Roland Mainz" <rmainz@redhat.com>
> Sent: Tuesday, September 2, 2014 12:07:20 PM
> Subject: Re: [SSSD] [PATCH v3 0/4] NFSv4 rpc.idmapd plugin
> On Tue, Sep 2, 2014 at 12:01 PM, Jakub Hrozek <jhrozek@redhat.com> wrote:
> > On Mon, Sep 01, 2014 at 04:35:13PM -0400, Roland Mainz wrote:
> > > Yes... the code seems to be OK... I've tested last weeks code (e.g.
> > prior option rename&co.) in detail in combination with Linux&&Solaris and
> > various NFSv4 server/client setups and it seems to work fine...
> > > ... r=rmainz@redhat.com for the patch series...
> >
> > Thank you for the review and testing. I pushed the patches to master:
> >     68b608d90c716c1aa475bfcb29141bcc6286fe37
> >     b9c8ce2bdd4045782c243605a1b999098bedcffc
> >     4466604d78e5ffd017e69e6861f7d78242b351fb
> >     e9553c2961fa4f25b9d004a6a65b90837a13d8e1
> >
> > And thanks Noam again for the contribution and patience while the
> > patches were merged.
> >
> it's my pleasure to contribute.
> now that the code is committed, I believe it's a good time to remind about
> the man pages for the plugin.
> it was previously split into a separate commit in order to bypass string
> commit freeze.
> here's a link to the patchset:
> https://lists.fedorahosted.org/pipermail/sssd-devel/2014-June/020389.html

Mhhh... some nitpicking after looking at https://lists.fedorahosted.org/pipermail/sssd-devel/2014-June/020390.html ...
1. the manpage has an email address:
-- snip --
+    <refentryinfo>
+        <productname>sss_nfs</productname>
+        <orgname>Noam Meltzer, Primary Data Inc. &lt;noam at primarydata.com&gt; (2013-2014)</orgname>
+        <orgname>Noam Meltzer &lt;tsnoam at gmail.com&gt; (2014-)</orgname>
+    </refentryinfo>
-- snip --

... the <email> tag can't be used within <orgname>, right ? Arguably this looks a bit like an abuse of <orgname> but I don't have an idea yet how to make it better... my DocBook books are 60km away from here...

... my first guess is that this might work (use <authorgroup> to add multiple <authors>):
-- snip --
<affiliation>Primary Data Inc.</affiliation>
-- snip --
If you don't know how to do it then I can try my luck...

about "orgname":
I wasn't familiar with DocBook before, so I took example from pam_sss.8.xml
Anyhow, my goal is to provide two AUTHORS for the manpage. Since I'm no longer an employee of PrimaryData, I need to provide my current email address. However, it is important to me to give them the due credit.

However2, (to my defense) this DocBook compiles into a valid manpage...

2. What about adding the example idmapd.conf file we used for testing to an EXAMPLES section ?

if you can send me the idmapd.conf you've used for testing, I'll add it to the EXAMPLES section.




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