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[sssd PR#560][opened] NSS: close files after mmap
by ChrisKowalczyk
1 year, 8 months
[sssd PR#636][opened] failover: tune up default timeouts
by pbrezina
1 year, 9 months
[sssd PR#541][opened] memberof: keep memberOf attribute for nested member
by pbrezina
2 years, 1 month
[sssd PR#644][opened] When multiple UIDs exist, use the username provided by the user as the first lookup
by joeFischetti
2 years, 5 months
[sssd PR#413][opened] mmap_cache: add SID and type to struct sss_mc_rec
by sumit-bose
2 years, 7 months
[sssd PR#642][opened] TESTS: Fixes to test library and add new test case for kcm.
by mrniranjan
2 years, 8 months
[sssd PR#639][opened] sbus: fix sbus_message_bound_ref and add unit tests for sbus_message public module
by pbrezina
2 years, 8 months
Add support for hosts and networks to NSS
by Chris Kowalczyk
2 years, 8 months
[sssd PR#643][opened] KCM: Don't error out if creating a new ID as the first step
by jhrozek
2 years, 8 months
[sssd PR#641][opened] Minor fixes related to converting of ldap attributes to bytes
by mrniranjan
2 years, 9 months
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