the f25 KDE-jam is a live.iso so it does install to HD

I am not sure how long it will be available

look here to download:

Tom Gilliard


On 08/24/2016 10:02 AM, Fedora Project wrote:

On 24.08.2016 00:28, Thomas Gilliard wrote:

KDE-Jam spin is now available:


spins mailing list

Regarding F24 spin that link was removed when 20160823 came out yesterday, As I understand from talking with Ben the KDE-JAM is still seeking testing please reach out to him, myself,paradoxguitar or jsandy to help in this effort, If someone would like a updated 0823 spin to test please reach out to myself or southern_gentlemen|kk4ewt (Ben) in #fedora on freenode OR or

Regarding 25: 

are the nightlies, live media,  dd-able as is to test?

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