On Sun, Apr 8, 2018 at 5:05 AM Peter Robinson <pbrobinson@gmail.com> wrote:
> * Brainstorming  (sgallagh, 20:07:36)
>   * Feedback: Fedora Server has too short a lifecycle  (sgallagh,
>     20:08:35)
>   * Feedback: Fedora Server should be more minimalistic  (sgallagh,
>     20:08:35)
>   * Feedback: SELinux needs better usability  (sgallagh, 20:08:35)
>   * Feedback: Support OpenCL  (sgallagh, 20:08:36)

What does that even mean? OpenCL on it's own is basically useless
without particular frameworks on top of it that enable it to be
useful. Like most other hardware features just enabling it doesn't
often make it useful, eg an ethernet NIC on it's own isn't very useful
with out say a full IP stack on top.

>   * Feedback: Easy "home media server" would be nice  (sgallagh,
>     20:08:36)

TBH I think that's quite a divergence from a typical "enterprise
server" that the Server SIG has targetted.

>   * Feedback: Cockpit should be able to control more of the system
>     (sgallagh, 20:08:36)
>   * Feedback: Focus on simplifying common task execution  (sgallagh,
>     20:08:36)
>   * Feedback: Support enterprise HBAs  (sgallagh, 20:08:37)
>   * We will go through the list individually  (sgallagh, 20:11:46)
> * Fedora Server has too short a lifecycle  (sgallagh, 20:12:01)
>   * The core problem that people want to solve generally is "I don't
>     want my applications to break, because I rely on them"  (sgallagh,
>     20:14:16)
>   * Rephrased: Core problem is "I want to be able to keep my system
>     up-to-date wrt bug and security fixes without my applications
>     breaking"  (sgallagh, 20:16:35)
>   * Users automatically assume that the classic solution to this problem
>     is the only one: longer compatibility lifecycle for the whole OS.
>     (sgallagh, 20:17:34)
>   * Fedora Server attempts to solve the core problem with Modules and
>     reliable OS release upgrades.  (sgallagh, 20:18:25)
>   * Enhancement proposal: automatically upgrade when release is EOL
>     (sgallagh, 20:22:03)
>   * Enhancement proposal supplement: Cockpit UI for scheduling the
>     automatic update after EOL  (sgallagh, 20:23:11)
> * Fedora Server should be more minimalistic  (sgallagh, 20:27:38)
>   * This topic is really easy to get rat-holed on. Will revisit later.
>     (sgallagh, 20:40:44)

This is sort of in contradiction to some of the other points like media server.

> * SELinux needs better usability  (sgallagh, 20:40:52)
>   * Cockpit SELinux Troubleshooter improvements would be ideal for this
>     (sgallagh, 20:43:59)
> * Support OpenCL  (sgallagh, 20:46:42)
>   * This task would require specialized expertise that isn't readily
>     available  (sgallagh, 20:48:40)
> * Easy "home media server"  (sgallagh, 20:48:56)
> * Server Focus  (sgallagh, 20:55:07)
>   * Q: Is there a customer story similar to our previous OLPC effort
>     that we could get behind?  (sgallagh, 20:55:41)
>   * LINK: https://freedombox.org/ ?  (nirik, 20:56:01)
>   * ACTION: Homework assignment: Think of an OLPC-style initiative that
>     Server could back and present it next week.  (sgallagh, 21:00:24)

What do you mean by OLPC effort/initiative? Do you mean a piece of
hardware that could be purchased off the shelf and be a good "Server
reference platform" or something else entirely.

Not specifically about hardware but about aligning ourselves with another community/initiative/humanitarian activity and aiding them.

An example might be working with a charity that is setting up satellite internet access in remote locations by helping build up network infrastructure built atop Fedora Server (to pull an example out of the air).