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>> This week, I'd like to put the D-BUS API Role Infrastructure
>> back on the agenda. I've been speaking with Thomas Woerner
>> (author of firewalld) and he is interested in building this Role
>> API for us (with tight integration with firewalld) and would like
>> to join us for this meeting so we can bring him up to speed on
>> exactly how we want the API to look and function. I expect this
>> to take most of our alotted hour, but if there are other
>> important agenda items, please submit them and we'll plan
>> accordingly.
>> Thank you very much.
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>> I made the suggestion to publish some sample kickstarts and
>> document their use not long ago, but didn't get much response on
>> the list.  Can this be added to the agenda and discussed,
>> please? I would *like* to attend the meeting, but can't make a
>> commitment.
> This is certainly a useful idea to suggest to the documentation
> team. I don't know that there's much to discuss about it on the
> meeting, unless someone wants to suggest that this is not a good
> idea.
> I don't think we want to be "supporting" any kickstarts, though.
> Examples are good, but I don't think shipping pre-built kickstarts
> will be sensible or useful (given that most deployments need to
> customize anyway). _______________________________________________
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> Consider this a suggestion *from* the documentation team. Having
> examples and some documentation on adjusting them was the idea.  I
> thought it would be prudent to keep the working group in the
> discussion, instead of writing the documentation independently :)

Ah, gotcha. Yes, we will likely generate a few example kickstarts as
part of testing this functionality. We should probably make sure that
the QA and Docs folks are sharing these between them.
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That's just the kind of thing I was looking for, thanks.