2014-06-20 21:10 GMT+02:00 Thomas Woerner <twoerner@redhat.com>:
  services:as (ro)         # service list: services to be enabled and started
Where “service” means “systemd unit”?
  firewall:a{sas} (ro)     # firewall settings: ports and services
                             dict {
                               "ports" => array ( portid:s["-"portid:s]"/"protocol:s ),
                               "services" => array( name:s ),
                             ports are similar to firewalld port definitions
  firewall_zones:as (rw)   # firewall zones to apply the firewall settings to
  custom_firewall:b (rw)   # custom firewall: firewall settings will not be applied if set to true
  errorlog:s (ro)          # errorlog string
A single string?  Is there some kind of formatting involved?  Is this supposed to be a facade over/replacement for querying journald, or would the callers be expected to get the list of systemd units and query journal themselves?

  deploy()                 # deploy role (i.e. running initial setup post-package-install, ipa-server-install)
How does rolekit get the configuration necessary to deploy a role?
  updateRole()             # update role: yum update; restartServices; updateFirewall
How does the caller know that an update is available?

  getFirewallZones()       # get firewall zone list from firewalld, add used ones to firewall_zones
How does this differ from just reading firewall_zones?