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Hi all,

I double-checked the mailing list to see if anyone asked about this before me, but I couldn't find any mention of in HyperKitty. If I missed something somewhere and this is a repeat request, please point me to the original discussion and I won't waste your time. :)

One request I'd like to put out there is helping the Marketing team compile talking points about all that's new in the Fedora 25 Server edition. This will be helpful for us to compile information to pass along to the Ambassadors in the field and also for writing the upcoming release announcement for the Alpha. You can see the wiki page where these will go here:


For previous examples of talking points, you can refer to this page (ideally, they should look like this one):


If you could either edit the page directly or email the Marketing mailing list with the points for inclusion, either method would be fine. Thanks much!
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This was asked by me two weeks ago in a mtg and on the ML,

plan was to have  some feedback ready by next week's mtg ( that may slip tho due to changed times and all of meeting, I will however give whatever feedback we do have by the next mktg meeting for you ( I may even have time to start a stub  branch for it by then.

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