2015-08-31 20:32 GMT+02:00 Tomasz Torcz <tomek@pipebreaker.pl>:
> BTW, is timesyncd == timedated? Because the FESCo ruling was about
> timedated. If it's just a name-change, fine. But if it's a new
> implementation, we may want a new investigation.

  Those are two different things. Timesyncd is simple SNTP client (plus
time restoration over reboot, for things without RTC).  Timedated
is providing an API + utility to set system timezone and time and to
toggle external time sync.
  There are two implementation of timedated:
 – systemd's on, this only toggles timesyncd as synchronisation mechanism
 – timedatex, which can toggle arbitrary NTP daemon

Yeah, and the FESCo ticket was answering the question whether it replacing systemd-timedated with timedatex was safe (probably the first instance of two packages fighting over a D-Bus service name) and desirable (for Fedora to keep using a full NTP client, overriding systemd-timedated’s bait-and-switch from supporting the major NTP daemons to only supporting timesyncd).