On 02/07/2013 02:36 PM, Jeffrey Blank wrote:

BTW: SP 800-53 rev 4
is just out in draft.
I wonder if they would be so bold as to put it into a standardized,
machine-parseable format.  It would be far more useful if it were
available in more than just an opaque human-readable format.

That would be quite nice.

The prior rev is available online and as a less-than-straightforward XML-export-capable "database": http://csrc.nist.gov/groups/SMA/fisma/support_tools.html.

So, cites from the scap-security-guide content should likely target that rather than the rather verbose <reference>s now present.

<reference href="https://web.nvd.nist.gov/view/800-53/control?controlName=CM-7#enhancement-2">CM-7(2)</reference>