On 6/29/12 5:45 PM, Willy Santos wrote:
CCI-000030 requires enforcing information flow control on metadata. This mapping is open to discussion and change.

SRG-OS-000014 CCI-000030 The operating system must enforce information flow control on metadata. Information flow control regulates where information is allowed to travel within an information system and between information systems (as opposed to who is allowed to access the information) and without explicit regard to subsequent accesses to the information. Metadata is defined as data providing information about one or more other pieces of data, such as, purpose of the data, author/creator of the data, network location of where data was created, and application specific data information.

How would we create guidance against all the possible metadata types and repositories? How would we know that AuthorA can't share his information with AuthorB, even though they have the same clearance level? unmet_impractical_guidance

This isn't technically feasible at an OS level. unmet_impractical_product