I did try running one of the xccdf file that it looks like you deliver builtin. Same issue,  I don't see the STDERR warning about ./oval.xml being skipped. But still get "notapplicable" Trying..

oscap xccdf eval --profile RHEL6-Default --results hey2.xml ./share/openscap/scap-rhel6-xccdf.xml

This was on my RHEL6 machine (note I am being "careful" to be using oscap from my 1.1.1 build, and not the one that comes in RPM from Redhat themselves.

my guess is that oscap is thinking I am running something else. Not matching cpe:/o:redhat:enterprise_linux:6  (or 5)

Without mucking with the code(which I can) just wondering if there is a way to print out what oscap thinks is the machine. Or, if you can point me to a good place to put a printf, I could rebuild it.