Yes I did see that, which I also thought was very useful. What I was referring to was not the ability to filter the overall results, but the details in each check.


So in the linked report, for the check titled “Verify that All World-Writable Directories Have Sticky Bits Set”, the “OVAL details” section lists the two directories that failed the check (it’s a little mind boggling that a scanner would create a finding).  So instead, have the option of listing all directories that were checked and identify which ones passed and failed. This is what I meant by details.


Judging by the finding in the referenced check, I know that SCC has been installed. The details they provide in their report is a good example. The bad part of that example is separating the passed vs failed by color (I can’t search by color) and the ability not to be able toggle between all of the oval details of the check versus just the failed items that caused the check to fail. This would also be nice for checks that have passed, just to have the ability to be able to see what files or entries were validated against the check.


I hope that better clarifies what I was hoping could be achieved. I know all these details can be retrieved through the oval results xml file, but it would be nice to have the ability to be able to view that information in a much better organized and human-readable structure that has been created in the new report.




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On 8/31/14, 12:25 AM, Trey Henefield wrote:

Ah my appologies, I did not see those checks. Very nice. I do have to say, it looks very beautifully structured. Great job!

Is it possible there could be a way to filter or toggle between failed items versus all items checked? It would be useful for SCAP content testing and for reassurance of what was checked.

Absolutely! Check/Uncheck the fields under "Rule Overview" as you see fit:

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