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There seems to be a mix of ansible and bash for fix-up scripts, in that some rules only have bash fixes, others only have ansible fixes, while most have both, and a few still have none.  When applying remediation during a scan, which ones get used?
When doing on-line remediation, i.e. by option "--remediate", the bash fixes are applied.
Is there a way to specify?
Unfortunately no, the default is to use bash, and there is no way to change it.
If I have ansible installed, will the ansible fixes automatically get used?  If the ansible ones are being used?  Do the bash-only fixes get run as well?  What about rules that have both?
Ansible remediations are not applied automatically, oscap can't consume ansible fixes. They should be used by ansible to fix the machine.

Oscap can only generate a script fix based on one kind of remediation, it doesn't know how to use mainly one type of fix, and fill the gaps with other types of remediation, but this feature sounds interesting and useful.

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