Are there docs that explain step by step the build process for using source?

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On Sep 3, 2014, at 4:06 PM, Gabe Alford <> wrote:


       Just checking on the latest master, this is appearing to fail because the 'make templates' generates a file permission OVAL check for grub that is not in the XCCDF. The offending xml file is file_permissions_boot_grub_grub_conf.xml which if you `rm file_permissions_boot_grub_grub_conf.xml`. A bug issue can be filed here if so desired:

Just reading through the README doc under the templates directory, generally, you do not want to blindly run `make copy` as some of the checks most likely have been intentionally edited to add additional checks. Usually building from source, `make && make validate` (under the scap-security-guide or RHEL/6 directories) work best if you are just building from the latest source to run a scan. It just depends on what you are attempting to do. Are you generating OVAL content, or .....?


On Wed, Sep 3, 2014 at 3:16 AM, Paul Urwin <> wrote:

Hello Everyone,

I'm hoping you can help put me out of my misery!

I've taken the latest version of scap-security-guide

# git clone

And I've been trying to run "make content; make validate" on the RHEL/6 directory...

... if I do a fresh git clone and run it, it is successful and the validate completes ok.

...if i first go into the RHEL/6/input/checks/templates directory and run "make templates; make copy" ....and then run the "make content; make validate" it fails:

paul@myhost:/tmp/ssg3/scap-security-guide/RHEL/6> make validate
oscap xccdf validate-xml output/ssg-rhel6-xccdf.xml
oscap oval validate-xml output/ssg-rhel6-oval.xml
oscap oval validate-xml output/ssg-rhel6-cpe-oval.xml
cd output; ../utils/ --rules-with-invalid-checks --ovaldefs-unused ssg-rhel6-xccdf.xml
OVAL Check is not referenced by XCCDF: oval:ssg:def:556
make: *** [validate] Error 1

...this is a bug of some kind right?



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