Please commit.  Jeff and I are working on some copy editing for previous commits, and plan to send these shortly (along with context for providing checking instructions / ocil text).


On 09/20/2012 08:32 PM, Michael J. McConachie wrote:
Hi all, a test email from my mutt client.  You should be receiving this on the
mailing list, from my @redhat email, with an attachment containing the single
patch (named in the title).

Intially, I thougtht it would be prudent to do several at a time,
passing them all into one patch file, but that can prove hard to read at
times, and  hard to follow.

After some thought it might be better to do one at a time (so that we can track
he changes per the subj: line of each email).  If need be, we can adjust
the desired frequency at a later date.


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