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+ the attachment for #2

From: "Matthew Mariani" <mmariani@redhat.com>
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Subject: Additional Checks for RH Cloud Provider Profile (rht-ccp)

Hi SSG team,

For the CCP profile recently added, I would like to add new RHEL6 checks for the bullets below. 
    1. Cloud image disk checks - do these checks exist already?
        a.)  Minimum Disk - 6GB
        b.) Available Disk - 4GB or more
    2. Non-RH packages installed on the RHEL system - ** For this one, on the open-scap-list, Danny Hynes provided the attached OVAL definition, but I'm not sure how to build that into the rht-ccp profile.  Does anyone have an example?

Any guidance on how to proceed is appreciated. 

Content creation docs are... limited. To start, check out Section 5 of the workbook:

It will step you through a *very* basic rule creation, generating both the XCCDF and OVAL, and should help you understand the linkage between the two components.

As for disk space, do a find on "partition_item" here:

Notice the two extend options:
- space_used
- space_left

We should be able to create your #1 based off these.

As for non-RH packages, your attached OVAL is on par here. Do a search for "rpm_info" on the URL above to get an idea of capabilities.... specifically the signature_keyid check!

So then, start with the workbook, and when your build fails, check the spelling of "rational" vs rationale ;) Check back here when done & we'll work out the OVAL checks.