It says V1R1, but portions of it are still very draft-like:


"Install the Ubuntu operating system patches or updated packages available from Red Hat within 30 days or sooner as local policy dictates."




Help, I can't find the unstable yum repo!



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Subject: [Non-DoD Source] DISA STIG for Ubuntu Released...

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Hi All,

I recall recently someone had asked about SSG for Ubuntu, and there was a long thread following about the STIG process.  I was surprised today when someone asked me if I could look at the Ubuntu STIG because just last week I had been on the STIG website and no such thing had existed.

Anyway, Caution- < Caution- >  has Ubuntu 16.04 STIG v1r1 available.  Will there be any work in the SSG project to incorporate this?

P.S. I wonder how Canonical got a STIG published with out going through any draft releases and less than 18 months after the OS version was published?