Apologies, I'm familiar with git locally.  Reviewing your links now before submitting anymore patches.





Nicholas P. Crawford

Senior UNIX Systems Administrator

contractor, General Dynamics Information Technology

NVESD Network Services Branch, US Army

email: Nicholas.Crawford@gdit.com

comm: (703) 704-2299 dsn: (312) 654-2299

cell: (571) 225-1283

From: scap-security-guide-bounces@lists.fedorahosted.org [scap-security-guide-bounces@lists.fedorahosted.org] on behalf of Shawn Wells [shawn@redhat.com]
Sent: Friday, October 03, 2014 23:38
To: scap-security-guide@lists.fedorahosted.org
Subject: Re: [PATCH] change ext4 to xfs and RHEL 6 to RHEL7

On 10/3/14, 5:10 PM, Shawn Wells wrote:
On 10/3/14, 4:56 PM, Nick Crawford wrote:
From: neo-aeon <nick@null.net>

Signed-off-by: neo-aeon <nick@null.net>
 RHEL/7/input/system/permissions/permissions.xml |    6 +++---
 1 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/RHEL/7/input/system/permissions/permissions.xml b/RHEL/7/input/system/permissions/permissions.xml
index bdc9427..3de71f6 100644
--- a/RHEL/7/input/system/permissions/permissions.xml
+++ b/RHEL/7/input/system/permissions/permissions.xml
@@ -11,10 +11,10 @@ When the variable <i>PART</i> appears in one of the commands below,
 it means that the command is intended to be run repeatedly, with the
 name of each local partition substituted for <i>PART</i> in turn.
 <br /><br />
-The following command prints a list of all ext4 partitions on the local
+The following command prints a list of all xfs partitions on the local
 system, which is the default filesystem for Red Hat Enterprise Linux
-6 installations:
-<pre>$ mount -t ext4 | awk '{print $3}'</pre>
+7 installations:
+<pre>$ mount -t xfs | awk '{print $3}'</pre>
 For any systems that use a different
 local filesystem type, modify this command as appropriate.

-- 1.7.1

Entirely sane. Thank you!

Do you happen to have a GitHub account, and could issue a Pull Request?

If new to GitHub, this may help:

If not, no worries, I'll go ahead and merge by hand.

Went ahead and merged this upstream:

Thanks for the submission!