It may be over the top for your use case, but you might want to also look at the FOSS SIMP project (shamelss SSG-related plug).

We target SSG compliance but it's imminently flexible and manages your system state over time instead of just at one time.

You can spawn an AWS instance using our base 6.1 load from the Marketplace to try it out.


On Thu, Mar 1, 2018 at 10:59 PM, Fen Labalme <> wrote:
The goal is to create a hardened EC2 server on AWS from scratch. After provisioning a new RHEL/7 instance on AWS, we run `yum -y update` followed by the bash remediations from SSG using:

  command: 'oscap xccdf eval --profile {{ scapprofile }} --remediate \
    --results-arf /tmp/results-arf.xml --report /tmp/report.html \

But there are some remediations I don't want to run for an EC2 server such as and dracut-fips. Is there a way to prevent certain remediations from running?


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