I have been working on automating some of the manual items within the RHEL7 STIG that are not covered by the DISA-provided SCAP benchmark nor are they covered by OpenSCAP content. Specifically, I have been working on automating the items that pertain to what the STIG describes as "local interactive users." A significant portion of these items use specific commands referencing /etc/passwd to check the home directory assignment for all local interactive users.

For example, in the Check Text section of RHEL-07-020620 (All local interactive users must have a home directory assigned and defined in the /etc/passwd file):

awk -F: '($3>=1000)&&($7 !~ /nologin/){print $1, $3, $6}' /etc/passwd

However, nearly all of the RHEL7 systems that I support are joined to an Active Directory domain using realmd and SSSD. Therefore, the above check command does not work out-of-the-box for AD-authenticated users since none of them have an entry in /etc/passwd.

Therefore, I wanted to discuss what others have done for these STIG items and to bring up the subject of what constitutes as a "local interactive user," or at least what DISA is defining such user as. I presume local interactive users would mean root and various service accounts, but I am unsure if this is what DISA is targeting.


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