I actually posted a very similar query earlier today. I found the reference that allowed me to have RHEL SCAP content run on CentOS systems at this link:

My earlier query is in attempt to help me better understand WHY the linked fix works. I am striving to understand the interrelationships of the various SCAP components.

I hope the above link answers your question.


> Subject: Running RHEL checks on CentOS
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> Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2015 13:19:14 -0700
> Hello,
> I've been looking at how to run the rhel checks against centos
> machines and as I'm very much new to the SCAP world not making much
> progress. I've been on IRC as gnat42 and have received quite a bit of
> help there. Ultimately I have two goals.
> #1) Become more proficient at setting up servers in a secure manner that
> can be easily audited. I'm looking at a few different tools for this
> openscap / scap-workbench being in the mix.
> #2) Run the checks against Centos the same as RHEL.
> #3) Be able to test a system against "approved security standards".
> There are the guides from scap-security-guide. However there's PCI,HIPAA
> and various others that would be nice to be able to use if possible. I'm
> guessing I need to be better at #1 before I can do this. As I'm still
> learning all the different file formats.
> So for now #1 & #2 are my focus. How can I run the SSG basic profiles
> against a Centos (v6 or v7) machine? I'm fine running them directly on
> the machines or through scap-workbench via a Fedora 21 workstation. I'm
> proficient at rebuilding packages if that will help. I'm fairly well
> experienced with linux but not with high-end enterprise certifications /
> infrastructure requirements etc...
> Thanks in advance for any help!
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> Nathanael
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