I like your explanation and naming of the components. OpenSCAP as the umbrella project name makes sense.


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On 4/30/14, 10:39 AM, Martin Preisler wrote:
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> Sent: Wednesday, April 30, 2014 4:08:04 PM
> Subject: [RFC] SCAP security guide to become member of larger community - OpenSCAP ecosystem by changing it's name to
> OpenSCAP security guide?
> Hello folks,
>   in effort to increase discoverability of security compliance solutions,
> Simon created github's entry for OpenSCAP ecosystem yesterday:
>   [1]
> collecting all the relevant tools / products, necessary to perform
> security compliance checks in automated way. The intention of this
> ecosystem is to have all the parts available at one place, so people
> interested in automated SCAP scans wouldn't need to search for:
> * the scanner,
> * tailoring / remediation tool,
> * the content itself
> at three different locations.
> For now those repositories are just mirrors of their parental ones
> (copies which will get updated on regular basis - Simon can clarify
> how often).
> Together with this change, we have received proposal of icon / logo
> for the SCAP security guide project. Though yet before you download
> & inspect the attached tarballs, I need to mention, there are two
> versions of the icons attached:
> * one is for current "SCAP Security Guide" project name
> (SCAP_logos_SCAP_security_guide.tar.gz),
> * the second to see the proposal if the name of the project would change
>   to "OpenSCAP Security Guide" (OpenSCAP_logos_SCAP_security_guide.tar.gz)
> Since there's effort to create OpenSCAP ecosystem, of which SCAP security
> guide
> project is its indisputable part, besides cloning the repository, the other
> natural subsequent step, coming to mind is to have the project renamed
> from SCAP security guide to OpenSCAP security guide.
> In our opinion, look at OpenSCAP ecosystem [1] might induce the potential
> user's impression, the whole project being organized properly (all parts
> being available at one place and all parts named by same prefix, differing
> just by component's name).
> The pros / cons of the name change as I was able to collect are as follows:
> Pros:
> * whole (security compliance) solution can be viewed / looked at like
>   having organized & unified form (distinguished just by component's name /
>   colour of the icon),
> * all the necessary bits are reachable at one place (=> lowering the
> potential
>   user's "start barrier" in effort to get familiar with the concept)
> Cons:
> * user's accustomed to old name might get confused. It might need to take
>   some time till they get accustomed to start using new name,
> * the content being named "OpenSCAP Security Guide" (IOW with OpenSCAP brand)
>   might induce the impression, it's not usable in other tools / scanners
>   than just by OpenSCAP one. This could be overcome by us providing tutorial
>   articles / images pinpointing the use of SCAP Security Guide content with
>   tools (scanners) other than OpenSCAP to disperse the potential confusion
>   (clearly state it's possible to use it in other scanners too).
> To express my subjective opinion I like the idea of the project to be
> renamed to "OpenSCAP Security Guide". But wanted to know wider opinions
> from the community on the potential translation.
I think it's not necessary to rename the projects themselves. However I am all for promoting the OpenSCAP "umbrella" and cross linking the projects. Renaming the projects would be very costly and confusing for existing users. The benefits aren't worth it IMO.

In my opinion scap-security-guide should stay as is because openscap-security-guide implies a tool lock-in which is not the case.

Jan, thank you for starting this conversation! I'm very much in favor of a unified umbrella/naming.

As sgrubb pointed out, OpenSCAP has classically been the interpreter. If we rename SSG to "OpenSCAP Security Guide," the name creates an impression the content would only work with OpenSCAP. For this reason, are you proposing we change the OpenSCAP interpreter as well? e.g.:

OpenSCAP: A portfolio of open source SCAP utilities and content, which includes:
        * OpenSCAP Workbench:    Used for tailoring content (formerally scap-workbench)
        * OpenSCAP Interpreter:    A cross platform, open source SCAP interpreter)
        * OpenSCAP Content:        An open source project delivering a large body of SCAP content. Used as upstream for such profiles as the STIG and C2S
        * OpenSCAP Anaconda Plugin:     A project to integrate SCAP scanning into Linux provisioning
        * OpenSCAP Spacewalk Plugin:    A project to integrate centralized SCAP scanning into the Spacewalk/Satellite system management software

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