Hello everybody,

We have the pleasure to announce release of SCAP Security Guide 0.1.42.

Although it is named SCAP Security Guide, the project is now under
ComplianceAsCode organization (https://github.com/ComplianceAsCode/content).
For more on this move, see

This release is mostly about improvements in content,
including lots of new rules, checks and remediations added and bugfixes to them.
This release features significant updates in content for:
- Oracle Linux 7, OpenStack Platform 13
- OpenShift Container Platform 3
- Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

Highlights of this release
- Addition of RHEL8 product
- Content for OSP7 have been update for OSP13
- Contents for OCP3 have updated
- New contents are enabled for OL7
- Addition of rules that cover configuration of system-wide crypto policy
- Addition of Fedora 29 in place of Fedora 27
- Update of TestSuite to work with python3.7
- Introduction of platform dependent test scenarios

For a more detailed overview of changes (bug fixes, enhancements)
implemented in this release, please have a look at more detailed changelog:

Full changelog at:
* https://github.com/ComplianceAsCode/content/issues?q=milestone%3A0.1.42

Zip archives with pre-built benchmarks in DataStream form:
* https://github.com/ComplianceAsCode/content/releases/download/v0.1.42/scap-security-guide-0.1.42.zip
(Zip archive using OVAL-5.11.1 language version)
* https://github.com/ComplianceAsCode/content/releases/download/v0.1.42/scap-security-guide-0.1.42-oval-510.zip
(Zip archive using OVAL-5.10 language version only)

Thank you to everyone who contributed with issues, patches and discussion!

Happy hardening!

Watson Sato
Security Technologies | Red Hat, Inc