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Lee, if you're interested in information on SIMP, the easiest place to start is here



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I'm running the latest openscap and scap-workbench for RHEL6 using Red Hat repositories. If I feed the workbench the XCCDF file from DISA ( and ask for online remediation I'm not getting any fixes.

Does this remediation functionality exist or is the benchmark content lacking? I can't seem to get that working.

DISA FSO opts to strip remediation content/capabilities out from the content Red Hat gives them. In part this makes sense: DISA FSO's intention is to provide pass/fail content, anything beyond that is a distraction for them.

I've been using hardening scripts from​ but without commenting out some things those scripts are stricter than needed.

The project you mention has caused more misinformation and confusion than usefulness. That project has no ties to Red Hat, DISA, and while perhaps using the STIG for inspiration, its hardening settings are largely arbitrary and places systems into an unknown compliance state.

If you're seeking embedded remediation, consider using SCAP Security Guide directly (shipping in RHEL as the "scap-security-guide" package, or upstream content on GitHub). SSG ships in RHEL and serves as the upstream for what Red Hat gives DISA FSO as part of the Vendor STIG Process.

You might also find NSA's SIMP project interesting, which fuses SSG+Puppet+MCollective and other things. You can find their project here:

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