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> Subject: RE: scap-security-guide 0.1.19 is now live
> All-
> Perhaps I missed the mailing stating this, so my apologies in advance.
> Will the current (and future) versions of scap-security-guide be placed in
> the EPEL repository, or will they need to be built from a GIT cloned source
> always?  The latest version I see in [the mirror I am using for] EPEL is the
> 0.1.17-1.20140524git2eeeca7.el6 version.
Hi, the future versions of scap-security-guide will be packaged in the RHEL
repositories directly, as per the email you are replying to.

See https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EPEL/GuidelinesAndPolicies

"When a package is added to RHEL that is already in EPEL, we need to block
it from being updated in EPEL."

This means that no, you don't have to always build it from the repository.
You can install it from the RHEL repository. It will however no longer be
updated in EPEL. I hope all is clear now.

Specifically, for RHEL6, SSG will be included in 6.6+:

For RHEL7, we're tracking to include SSG v0.1.19 in a TBD release of RHEL7. The next window for RHEL7 package inclusion will be RHEL 7.1.
(sorry, I have to word things indirectly to meet RHT rules)

With that said, I think there is still value to providing a community yum repo where we can land the upstream monthly builds for the user community to track against... would this be valuable to anyone?