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The SIMP project automated running the SSG against test nodes using Beaker from Puppet to tie into our CI/CD process.

This is what had to happen to ensure that all derivative profiles contain all content for testing purposes.



On Thu, Aug 1, 2019 at 9:43 AM Tim Burress <taj@fedoraproject.org> wrote:
I'm still learning my way around the directory tree and the build system and have a couple of questions. For historical reasons, we typically use CentOS on our servers, and I see that, instead of having its own product tree, CentOS is considered a derivative of RHEL. I suppose the reasons for that are pretty obvious, though it does create a bit of a problem when trying to do something specific to CentOS. One question I have about the way things are set up now, though, is that, although the XCCDF for RHEL7 defines 12 profiles, the XCCDF for CentOS only defines 2. I've grep'ed my way around the build system trying to figure out where the logic for that is, but haven't had any luck. Could someone point me to the right place?

What we want to do, ultimately, is define several new profiles that would be applied to CentOS within our organization, depending on the risk level of the system. The baseline for this would be close to the RHEL7 CUI profile, with a few obvious exceptions. Given the special status of CentOS as a derivative of RHEL, do you have any suggestions for a good way to do that? I'm guessing we'd have to define the profiles in rhel7/profiles, but then use some logic somewhere (nice and vague...) to apply them to CentOS so they end up in the CentOS XCCDF and DS, but rather than trial-and-error I thought I would just ask.

Along the way we'll probably write some OVAL content and rules to handle local situations and would be happy to contribute those if they would be useful.

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