On 1/15/13 2:36 AM, Christopher Anderson wrote:
Walking through the initial setup was pretty quick an easy. I had no problems with the main wiki page and the usage guide page. I did find what appear to be small errors here and there, which I'll walk through.

The page titled "Becoming an SCAP Security Guide Developer" (https://fedorahosted.org/scap-security-guide/wiki/becomeadeveloper) seems to have a few issues. 

First, under "Establishing your Accounts", there are three items all numbered 1. 


Second, under "Performing your first git clone", the command example shows acquiring the source via git and the ssh protocol. This should fail as the Fedora Account setup and request to join this group (and gaining ssh access) happens in step 6 of the next section. Consider changing the protocol to git:

git clone git://git.fedorahosted.org/git/scap-security-guide.git


Third, under "Submitting Proposed Changes" step 1, the command example asks the user to ensure their changes are valid by running "make; make validate" without specifying a directory. With a little experimentation it is easy to figure out that "make" will work from the top level directory in the source tree, but "make validate" must be run from the RHEL6 directory. I'm not sure if validate should be added to the top level Makefile, or if a rewording of the item to clarify would be better.


With the exception of that page, I haven't found anything else. The pages are well thought out and I have yet to find even a spelling error in the wiki.
Thanks for the feedback on these!