I was curious to know if anyone has tried building SCAP content on RHEL 5? Given that the intention of the scap-security-guide rpm package is meant to be built individually on each platform (RHEL5, RHEL 6, RHEL 7, Fedora), I have attempted trying to build SCAP content on RHEL5.


I am running into all sorts of issues. Here’s what I gathered so far:


1)      The following python files include ‘with’ statements, which are not supported by the latest version of Python on RHEL5 (2.4.3-56):







I was able to work through these errors, using the suggested workaround here:


2)      The command ‘xmlwf input/checks/*.xml’ produces syntax errors for every file processed.



input/checks/system_info_architecture_x86.xml:1:0: syntax error


3)      When the errors above are corrected in item 1, another error is generated, which has me stumped:


../shared/transforms/ unlinked-fedora-xccdf.xml ssg

  File "../shared/transforms/", line 62

   ovalfile = ovalfiles.pop() if ovalfiles else None


SyntaxError: invalid syntax


There could be many more issues, but this is as far as I have gotten so far.


I am not much of a python guru so I was hoping someone else could chime in.




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