I'd like to bump this.  I get wanting to not build them by default.  It's still valid and useful content though and I think makes sense to have available as an advanced off-by-default developer-enabled feature.  So I did just that: https://github.com/ComplianceAsCode/content/pull/4923 .  Consequently the PR was promptly closed within about 20m by one of the maintainers with nothing more than a "Nope, not gonna do that", which, tbh, seemed like a fairly hostile way to interact with contributors.  No discussion or explanation, just a sprinkling of nist references that don't actually have to do with the specific issue.  The content generation used the enable_derivatives script which already peppers the XCCDF with applicable warnings.

Chuck Atkins
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On Fri, Aug 9, 2019 at 12:34 AM Tim Burress <taj@fedoraproject.org> wrote:
> There's really zero excuse for continued use of CentOS, especially for
> Government systems.

Honestly we would probably use RHEL for our servers if we could afford it, simply because it would be one less thing to worry about, but for a small company that nevertheless has lots of servers, the cost, or at least what we were quoted, was prohibitive. Actually even using CentOS required a cultural adjustment. Before that we built the OS ourselves from source code.
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