So, the SPAWAR doc that I found via Google indicated that XCCDF 1.2 is supported so, if the STIGViewer software is functioning correctly, it should be able to process all mandatory, and any valid non-mandatory, XCCDF 1.2 results files.

I couldn't easily find a DTD for the HBSS or SPAWAR XCCDF extensions (if there are any).

If the software does *not* work this way, it would appear to be a bug.


On Fri, Aug 18, 2017 at 4:26 PM, Haber, Steven L CTR USARMY SEC (US) <> wrote:
From STIG Viewer readme:

File->Import STIG
STIGs may be imported as a STIG XML File (.xml) file or as a STIG ZIP File
(.zip) bundle.

Import->XCCDF Results File
- Import and apply an XCCDF Results file to the STIGs that were used to create
the checklist. XCCDF Results will be mapped to their corresponding STIG rules.
If any XCCDF Results are imported that do not have a matching rule in the
Checklist, a window will pop-up and display the offending rule ID's from the
Results file. Supported XCCDF Result formats~ 'HBSS ePO/PAA' and 'SPAWAR'.


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