I believe most of these have been fixed. A few comments in-line:

On 5/19/14, 3:37 PM, Andrew Gilmore wrote:
Periodically, I do a git merge with upstream and test the result against my system. Most of the time, things get better, but occasionally, something breaks. Here's my list of broken stuff:

Rule world_writeable_files:
Now scans /proc and shows thousands of files from /proc/#/attr/<file> with permissions 777. 

Rule package_openswan_installed: Yum tells me that I have libreswan installed, which obsoletes openswan. Is downgrading to openswan really required, and why?

The obsoletion is odd. All I could find on the matter:

Openswan was put through FIPS 140-2 on RHEL6. FISMA, FedRAMP, STIG, and most other baselines call out the need to use FIPS 140-2 crypto, but as others have pointed out, DAAs often give waivers. Openswan FIPS cert is online at:

Rule world_writable_files_system_ownership:
Now finding /tmp/.X11-unix and /tmp/.ICE-unix where it did not before. What's the right way to address this? Why are these 777 anyway?

I've no idea on this one =/

Rule accounts_max_concurrent_login_sessions:
Broken regular expressions, I may get to a patch for this one, something like (if I can ever figure out gmail's formatting!)

diff --git a/RHEL/6/input/checks/accounts_max_concurrent_login_sessions.xml b/RHEL/6/input/checks/accounts_max_concurrent_login_sessions.xml
index b08faa5..b0f0920 100644
--- a/RHEL/6/input/checks/accounts_max_concurrent_login_sessions.xml
+++ b/RHEL/6/input/checks/accounts_max_concurrent_login_sessions.xml
@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@
   <ind:textfilecontent54_object id="object_etc_security_limits_conf_maxlogins" version="1">
-    <ind:pattern operation="pattern match">^[\s]*\*[\s]+[hard|-][\s]+maxlogins[\s]+(\d+)\s*$</ind:pattern>
+    <ind:pattern operation="pattern match">^[\s]*\*[\s]+hard|-[\s]+maxlogins[\s]+(\d+)\s*$</ind:pattern>
     <ind:instance datatype="int">1</ind:instance>