There are a few other considerations that I would like to mention.

1) Ansible is **NOT** agentless. It needs SSH to be an agent. SSH should not be a requirement for a functional system since, in many production use cases, it is an unnecessary service. And, being an unnecessary service, per policy, SSH should not be running.

2) Ansible local is fine and can be run through many means, but as mentioned by Wesley, RHEL6 isn't much fun.

3) Having any account that has the power that Ansible requires should be isolated away from the rest of your production environment. IIRC, we discourage users from running privileged commands as root without explicit sets of sudo rules in place to constrain them. In theory, all sets of Ansible playbooks should come with an associated set of 'sudo' rules to be installed on the system. Additionally, use of Ansible should be constrained to a bastion that restricts users from running in parallel so that auditing is solid. Perhaps this could be a set of dynamically created containers that churn out independent audits?

Anyway, omnipotent SSH accounts were always up for tight scrutiny and there really needs to be an addition to the SSG targeting Ansible as part of the Red Hat stack since it's fundamentally just SSH in a loop.



On Thu, Aug 3, 2017 at 7:27 AM, Wesley Ceraso Prudencio <> wrote:
We discussed this idea internally as well, and we came up with the following reasons to not go further with it:

- why remove something we already have? there is no harm in keeping it
- ansible is problematic on rhel6 due to python version
- --remediate would stop working
- bash is mentioned in the XCCDF spec, ansible @system is something we made up
- in RHEL8 we could have ansible as default system for remediation

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On 8/1/17 7:25 PM, Gabe Alford wrote:
> I say we keep bash scripts as other distros will probably need them.
> Plus, I would think that we would want to handle environments where
> ansible will never be used.

Psh.... what other Linux distros? =P

You're totally right. And that definitely means we need to continue
carrying bash remediations.
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