Thank you for the example. What is " tailoring file" ? Example?


On Sat, May 24, 2014 at 11:55 AM, Simon Lukasik <> wrote:
On 05/24/2014 05:45 PM, Greg Elin wrote:
Is it possible from command line to run a single rule test with opens
cap...and even better pipe the output?

The only way I can figure to run a single test is to create a profile
with a single rule.

Often times a single XCCDF Rule corresponds with a single OVAL definition. In such cases there is an easy way to evaluate single oval definition:

    oscap oval eval --id my:def:id --results debug-results.xml oval.xml

In other cases, i.e. when you still need the XCCDF part to debug, I am afraid there is no easy answer (XCCDF standard wise). What values would be bound to the variables? How would the TestResult on output look like?

The only thing I can advice you is to use tailoring file, if you wish to avoid editing your XCCDF document.

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