On 2/19/18 5:09 PM, Rich Lucente wrote:
This is a pretty newbie question on modifying the checks within SCAP.  The rule:

<Rule id="jboss_eap_vendor_supported" severity="high">
<oval id="jboss_eap_vendor_supported" value="var_jboss_profile" />
<ref srg="SRG-APP-000456-AS-000266" disa="2605" nist="" stigid="JBOS-AS-000680"/>

checks if a "version.txt" file exists with a version matching a supported release of Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.  This can be found at scap-security-guide/jboss_eap6/xccdf/application/eap6.xml

I read the DISA STIG requirement to talk to use of unsupported community JBoss releases such as JBoss AS and WildFly.  Use of JBoss community software would be a CAT I finding in the STIG.  I created a bash script at the following location to correctly find and identify JBoss community releases:


This has been tested against 110 community JBoss AS/WildFly releases and 87 enterprise releases.  The repository https://github.com/RedHatGov/ansible-scan-jboss contains the script and a test harness.  A comprehensive dataset to test against is available at:


The script looks for marker files that must be present in order to run the community application server and then examines metadata within those files to correctly identify them.

QUESTION:  How can I incorporate this into the existing SCAP checks?  I'm finding the XML schemas a bit daunting to understand and I would also need to use the script check engine for this.

I'll keep looking at the developer's guide on the website to sort this out but if anyone is willing to collaborate, I'd greatly appreciate it.

The current check:
- First evaluates the JBOSS_HOME environmental variable, looks for version.txt in that filepath, and runs a regex to ensure the Enterprise version is installed
- Failing to find JBOSS_HOME, it looks in /etc/eap/version.txt (which is where the JBoss Product Managers told us JBoss is installed for VMs and container images, IIRC)

Before going into the code to much, is that approach appropriate?

By contrast, it looks like your script unzips jar files and looks in META-INF/maven/org.jboss.modules/jboss-modules/pom.properties. I don't have enough JBoss knowledge to know if these approaches are effectively the same, or if one is more ideal. Can you help us understand?