It requires an extra hack because ‘version’ on CentOS won’t match the specified pattern; here is how I did it to keep it compatible with RHEL:

  1. Add an extra criterion:

      <criteria operator="OR">

        <criterion comment="Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Workstation is installed" test_ref="test_rhel_workstation" />

        <criterion comment="Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Server is installed"      test_ref="test_rhel_server" />

        <criterion comment="CentOS 6 is installed"                               test_ref="test_centos" />


2. Add an extra test:

  <linux:rpminfo_test check="all" check_existence="at_least_one_exists" comment="centos-release is version 6" id="test_centos" version="1">

    <linux:object object_ref="obj_centos" />

    <linux:state state_ref="state_centos" />


  <linux:rpminfo_state id="state_centos" version="1">

    <linux:version operation="pattern match">^6</linux:version>


  <linux:rpminfo_object id="obj_centos" version="1">





Another weirder issue on the original SSG check: I don’t think this check works on ‘pure’ RHEL6 either but the platform still matches for some reason I do not understand.


When I use ‘—oval-results’, the CPE result file (ssg-rhel6-cpe-oval.xml.result.xml), the test_rhel_* tests all fail for the same reason, i.e:


Won’t match:

<lin-def:version operation="pattern match">^6\.\d+$</lin-def:version>


Thus resulting in ‘false’ for test_rhel_server:

<test test_id="oval:ssg:tst:103" version="1" check="all" result="false">

   <tested_item item_id="1046111" result="false"/>



and consequently for installed_OS_is_rhel6:

<definition definition_id="oval:ssg:def:100" result="false" version="1">


But the definition still works ok, although it doesn’t on CentOS… What am I getting wrong were?






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The check for Red Hat 6 is pulled from:


Simply change the two references to 'redhat-release' to state 'centos-release' instead. Then rebuild.

That should do it.

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I have been trying to get oscap working on my CentOS6.5 network core, without luck.

Everything comes back with "Result notapplicable".

I am pretty new to SCAP and XCCDF, but am a long-time user of Nessus and Security Center (prior to ACAS program by DISA).

Does anyone have suggestions where I can find some in depth guidance to adjust the rhel6 configs to CentOS?


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