That's pretty amusing. I did a presentation yesterday regarding running distributed OpenSCAP scans with MCollective.

The presentation can be found at

And the source code is at

Interesting to see two projects pop up almost at the same time.

I might have to steal your policy push idea. I had thought about it but decided to go with straight SSG support.



On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 9:21 AM, Martin Preisler <> wrote:
I have written a short blog post summarizing the latest addition to
OpenSCAP called `oscap-ssh`.

It allows users to scan remote machines using local files. The result
files are transferred back and can be conveniently viewed on the local
machine. This is very useful for testing and even auditing of remote

Feedback appreciated! Cross posting to SCAP Security Guide because
this might be valuable to content authors.

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