On 10/2/13 2:42 PM, Shawn Wells wrote:
On 10/2/13 12:57 PM, Jan Lieskovsky wrote:
Hello Shawn,

   as promised, attached is slightly enhanced patch
for RHEL6's spec file it to quieten more rpmlint
* spaces 've been replaced with tabs globally,
* removed dot from Summary,
* updated license && group,
* replaced hard-coded paths with rpm macros,
* adjusted defattr rpmlint not to complain about
   invalid shebangs. For now kept defattr there
   (since other RHEL6 specs do too), but according
   to Fedora PackagingGuidelines (section File Permissions):

   it was necessary only in versions of rpm package
   prior to 4.4. Since in RHEL6 there's rpm-4.8.0 currently,
   that macro might not be even needed already.
   * adjusted scap-security-guide manual page definition rpmlint
   not to complain about missing %lang.

The rpmlint output has been reduced to two warnings / errors:
- one about the invalid source - as previously mentioned,
   this is not something i can fix. Someone with proper privileges
   needs to upload the tarball to pre-agreed https:// location first,
   then that location needs to be listed after Source0: section of
   the spec file to calm down this warning,

We should be able to take care of this today. Something like https://ssgproject.org/repos/

A few of us are using the gov shutdown as an opportunity to knock out much needed to-do's. Watch for patches/EMails on this later today!

- the other one about the 'too much recursion / deep loop'
   could be quieten by moving the Version and Release information
   from the main Makefile into the RHEL6's scap-security-guide.spec
   file (and for purpose of their use in the main Makefile
   being extracted back from the spec file like Fedora case is doing).

   But since this impacts main Makefile and the way how RHEL6
   versioning would behave, i am gonna to wait with the change
   till someone else approves / confirms, fixing this particular
   rpmlint warning has higher priority than Version / Release being
   in the main Makefile.
The RHEL RPM versioning should be updated to align with your (very well thought out) scheme for Fedora. Please feel free to update this!

* didn't update the changelog entry yet (for case this wouldn't be
   the final version).

Please review.


Thank you for all your help on this!

Went ahead and pushed this patch, as I'm tinkering with Koji builds tonight.