In my opinion, the system should be safe, consistent, and correct regardless of the number of times it is remediated.

If that requires changing more than just what the checks cover, that is appropriate but should be documented as such.


On Tue, Feb 12, 2019 at 11:50 AM Marek Haicman <> wrote:
Hello everyone,
we have currently stumbled upon situation, where Ansible remediation
snippet can either fix 3 different rules at once, or be very convoluted.
Technical details aside [1] - what is your view of such approach?

* Is it ok when remediation does change more than the rule that
triggered it checks?
* Do you prefer to have no remediation at all, to the remediation that
does too much?
* Does answer to the questions above change between (--remediate) which
is applied automatically, and bash roles or ansible playbooks, where you
can check insides of the scripts and alter them before application?


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