On 3/5/20 1:00 PM, James Cassell wrote:
On Thu, Mar 5, 2020, at 12:57 PM, Jeff Bachtel wrote:
Good day. I am trying to apply current RHEL7 STIG guidance to AWS EC2 
instances and have run into issues. Could someone check my conclusions 
below and let me know if I missed something?

- OpenSCAP doesn't yet support RHEL7 STIG V2R6 in its in-tree code 
(including remediation code)
- The NIST NCP for RHEL7 from 
https://github.com/ComplianceAsCode/content/tree/master/rhel7 doesn't 
yet include STIG V2R4 remediations
- The actual DISA RHEL7 STIG XCCDF file does not include fixes, such 
that OpenSCAP could use it to generate remediation scripts
- https://github.com/MindPointGroup/RHEL7-STIG is probably the best 
RHEL7 STIG remediation script that's publicly available

All correct from my perspective.

To the best of our knowledge there haven't been any substantive changes to the DISA content. At least we haven't been informed of any (eg rule selections/removals, changing variables like password length, etc).

That said, could be interesting to run the Red Hat provided remediations and then re-scan with the DISA-provided content. Goal would be to see if anything fails... in theory showing any gaps between the content.

Would you be interested/able to help do that? Here's the ansible content: