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Wow, so this whole thread really took on a life of it's own, far outside the scope of my original intent.  So to try to bring it back...

The profile split started when ...

Thanks for the background info, it helps to understand why things are the way they are.

If having DISA release updated content is important to you ...

Not specifically, that just makes it easier since the auditors know the DISA STIG and that what they ask about.  So long as I have a good profile with sound security practices that I can justify to my ODAA auditor then I'm satisfied.  The OSPP profile should fit that purpose well and if I explain it to auditors, I'm 70-80% confident I can get them on board with it.

My main point was that having distinctly separate Workstation and Server profiles was very helpful, so I was a bit worried when they went away.  If I understand you correctly, the OSPP / USGCB profile for EL7 is out-of-the-box intended for a desktop configuration?  Aside from removing X, is there any difference between the OSPP profile and where a "server" profile would start from?  Obviously, you'd want to go through and enable the services that the server is to host and their respective configurations.  Is that all or are there other core settings that should change?

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The profile split started when
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