Re: modprobe
  - I guess that could be good if you're trying to load the module by hand and, instead of typing the command a few times before remembering that it was disabled, actually getting some feedback.

Re: auditd
  - I'm remembering this from reading the man pages, nothing more. They may, or may not, be accurate.


On Tue, Feb 26, 2013 at 1:38 PM, Shaw, Ray V CTR (US) <> wrote:
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> - RHEL5 wants /etc/shadow to be 0400; RHEL6 wants this and /etc/gshadow
> at 0000.  Not sure of the advantage of the latter.
> -> This matters for SELinux.

Fair enough.

> - RHEL5 wants module loading (DCCP, SCTP, Bluetooth, etc.) disabled
> with /bin/true; RHEL6 wants /bin/false.
> -> Not sure about this one. Perhaps it's for some logic checking code
> or it prevents overrides later down the stack.

The only difference I can see is that /bin/false gives me this message:

FATAL: Error running install command for Bluetooth

and an exit code of 1, while /bin/true is silent (neither log anything to
dmesg or syslog) and has an exit code of 0.  It's possible that it matters
for some deeper reason.

> - RHEL5 wants audit rules to start with "exit,always"; RHEL6 wants them
> to start with "always,exit".  Note that some of the actual RHEL6
> benchmark content checks for both (e.g. adjtimex), while some (the
> majority) does not (e.g. chmod).
> -> This was a change in auditd itself. "exit,always" is no longer
> valid.

As of which audit version?  Unless I'm missing something (and based on the
logs, I don't think I am; the events I expect to see logged are being
logged, and with my specified key values), the same "exit,always" rules from
my RHEL5 audit.rules work on RHEL6.

[I do remember that at one point, one direction or the other didn't work on
RHEL5, but at the moment, both ways appear to work on both platforms.]

If that syntax is invalid for newer versions of audit than are included in
RHEL6, okay, but this is supposed to be a RHEL6 STIG, and a rebase of the
audit system seems unlikely (as audit versions tend to be linked to kernel
versions, and a rebase of the kernel seems mighty unlikely).  If both
syntaxes work on RHEL6, I would like to see all audit checks allow both
(instead of just the benchmark content of some audit checks).

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