On 7/17/17 2:41 PM, Shawn Wells wrote:

For those willing, can you mark your GitHub group membership as public? Lets show the world there are more than 3 people here :)

1) Login to GitHub

2) Find your name @ https://github.com/orgs/OpenSCAP/people

3) On the left-hand side, select "public" under membership

Received a few off-list notes about wtf I'm referring to :)

GitHub supports structured "team roles," which SSG does use. In order of elevation collaborators can be grouped by:

- contributors (any community members)
- merge access (limited to trusted individuals)
- admins (currently, Jeff Blank from NSA, Martin Preisler, myself)

Anyone in the community can (and should!!) be added as contributors. If you're not in the contributors group and would like to be, send Martin or I a note and we can add you.

This is not restricted to code contributors! People who help out at workshops, give presentations, update documentation, file bugs, evangelize OpenSCAP, rant on the mailing list... we're all community members. The guiding principal is involvement.

Associating your GitHub ID in this group outwardly shows your affiliation. Sometimes for street cred, having your name officially shown as collaborators. Sometimes for resume branding (really is proof you help out, to the extent maintainers know you and added you). It's a visible metric to show the world the size and membership of the community.... and that OpenSCAP isn't just three people ;)